From the beginnings, the International Quality Conventions, organized by ImarPress in Paris, Madrid, Geneva, Frankfurt, London and New York, held for over 20 years, have culminated in a spectacular Gala Dinner.

Delegations from over 74 countries attend this international encounter which is presented by ImarPress in four languages: English, French, Spanish and Russian.

The dinner takes into account the variety of cultures in the world offering a range of menus, including vegetarian menus, in respect to the norms and customs of all of the attendees’ countries of origin.

The awards ceremony takes place at the end of the Gala Dinner, on a stage designed for the event, for film and television.

Each awarded company leader will be asked to come forward to the stage to receive the ISLQ Award from the President of Leadership in Quality Convention, Jose E. Prieto.

At the end of the ceremony, photographers cover the award recipients on stage together with attending guests.