ImarPress develops quality training seminars and workshops for worldwide communication of quality culture focused on innovation and excellence. Since 1986, ImarPress has had an important role in sponsoring and presenting quality, innovation and excellence awards which have contributed advantages to companies awarded, both in media attention and technical advantages of quality implementation.

The creator of the first edition of the QC100 TQM, Jose E. Prieto, founded the publishing group JBAN in 1973 and, since 1984, when international partners joined, he presides Imagen Arte (ImarPress) whose primary activity is oriented towards sharing quality culture in leading companies worldwide.

The founding team, formed by engineers, physicists, mathematicians, economists, sociologists and journalists, continues contributing ideas and improvements to the QC100 and giving opportunities for all those companies investing in Quality processes.

In 1984, the founder of ImarPress, Jose E. Prieto, created the pioneered concept, Quality Mix.

In the past decades, Imagen Arte (ImarPress), due to its innovative ideas, has succeeded in becoming one of the first four worldwide organizations to implement Quality Culture in top local, national, continental, and global companies.

ImarPress, presents a quality award on the basis of principles as solid as those of the Deming in Japan (only for Japanese companies), the Baldrige in the U.S. (only for U.S. companies), or the EFQM in Europe (only for European companies).

ImarPress has professional relations with companies in 179 countries whose products and services help position them as leaders who invest in innovation, technology, training and installations.