To transmit Quality Culture and the meaning of the ISLQ International Star for Leadership in Quality to be presented in Paris, ImarPress offers a media plan for your company to obtain the maximum benefit to achieve an excellent international image and transmit it to your clients, employees, shareholders, officials and other persons making up your company’s environment.

Leadership campaigns give your company a competitive edge in a market where brands offer similar advantages and have reached market saturation.

The ISLQ International Star for Leadership in Quality is the leadership symbol that your clients will perceive as a differentiating element between you and your competition.

The photographs and graphic images of the stellar moments of the award presentation, standing next to the president of ImarPress and before the international group of business men and women attending the Quality Convention in Paris, will be published in 6 magazines* in the following formats:

A – a cover
B – double page
C – full page
D – half page
E – and will appear on 2 other pages

* The 6 different magazines will be selected by ImarPress.

For the International Star for Leadership in Quality Convention in 2015, a greater presence in the media has been foreseen for publicizing the news.

The media impact of the International Star for Leadership in Quality Convention is supported by the importance of Paris, the Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile (Concorde La Fayette) Hotel and the ImarPress technicians and professionals will contribute to making the media coverage a success.

Permanent Business Campaign

Quality culture is an area of business knowledge essential to all those persons involved in the company.

In accordance with this principle, Imagen Arte ImarPress utilizes communication as the core to teach, inform and transmit quality culture. This process should be implemented for employees, suppliers, clients and all those persons in the community who are affected by the activity.

The values of the QC100 TQM Quality Model presented by ImarPress are shared eleven products:

ImarPress communication products


Imagen Arte ImarPress perceives communication as an indispensable element for growth and human development.

This concept is based on a profound knowledge of the preferences and habits of a new generation educated in a global market, with different consumer behavior and a focus on the future.

ImarPress keeps current of the newest technology and is thereby able to have a greater impact with new, original proposals, directly facilitating the success of products, services, companies and individuals.

Business Journalism

Top management in leading sectors are aware of how a company newsletter can be effectively used to report on what is happening in their companies. ImarPress´s experts in this influential area of communication carry out their work in an ever-evolving technological atmosphere.

Imagen Arte ImarPress has experience publishing newsletters for important multinational groups from very different areas and economic sectors: real estate, finance, chemicals, electrical, telecommunications, computers, mining, construction, insurance, transportation, food and beverage, and official organizations.


Digital systems are taking hold in television. ImarPress professionals have accumulated 30 years of high-tech experience in business communication, which together with the success of the last 14 years in digital image treatment in the graphic world, allow ImarPress to compete in this new market.

Imagen Arte ImarPress supplies digitally formatted television programs within its general business series as well as programs on monographic subjects.

Business Comunications

Press Agents

Press releases which shape opinions about companies and their activities are written by Imagen Arte ImarPress´ expert team. These same professionals, in addition to this basic function as press agents, customize their press packages to deliver the specific message designed to meet the goal previously set.

ImarPress offers a variety of proposals for different countries, appearing in audiovisual communication media in the press, radio and television.

Advertising and Branding

Many products, as well as their brandnames, are better known today thanks to ImarPress’s services. Experience and creative professionals are keys to success: original ideas which result in focusing preferences in purchasing.

In Imagen Arte ImarPress campaigns are studied in terms of target audiences. Corporate identity is taken into careful consideration and the message is communicated in a clear fashion, using the support of graphic design, photography and digital design.

For ImarPress, advertising is a means to communication, overcoming cultural barriers by creating a universal language based on brandnames and logos which permeate our daily lives.

Press Conferences

IExpertise in organizing press conferences assures attendance of the media by offering informative sessions on business activities within large sectors or on specific companies. Experts in public relations, journalists and sociologists are there to coordinate and organize how companies should respond to the press.

Imagen Arte ImarPress is particularly qualified for this task due to its total focus on the business world, supported by its public relations activity and its capacity to stimulate interest in target audiences.


Companies needing interactive communication turn to ImarPress for the creation of their multimedia tools: corporate identity manuals, annual campaign plans for a franchise network, annual reports, urban planning, architectural plans, courses, stockholder meetings presentations, general business presentations and catalogs.

Public Relations

ImarPress, backed by a time-tested method in the area of public relations, achieves two goals: communication and solid results.

Public relations has been defined as a “permanent plan of good will, focusing all effort on overcoming barriers for mutual understanding between an organization and its target audience”.

Studies carried out by Imagen Arte ImarPress have shown, in the medium-sized company, that public relations budgets are many times more cost-effective than those of advertising. This is due to the fact that its messages persuade the buyer more easily and are more credible in cases in which the buyer tends to mistrust advertising.

Business Comunications2

Products & Services


ImarPress organizes its own annual convention as well as those of its clients, providing many attendees with business opportunities. Imagen Arte ImarPress has extensive experience in conventions both in the U.S.A. and in Europe, in the business arena as well as for cultural events and the world of sports.

Due to its nature as an international organization, the languages ImarPress uses for business communication are Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese.

Direct Quality Marketing

A quality analysis should be used to determine all of the aspects of a direct marketing campaign, establishing beforehand the goals to be reached. Target groups are chosen in relation to the set goals and the campaign designed for the purpose should be measurable within the selected timeframe.

Employee education and customer satisfaction can be influenced and controlled. Statistical results will then guide the company management. The effectiveness of quality campaigns will be noted after progressive application of this method.

Trade Fairs and Expositions: Quality Benchmarking

ImarPress considers trade fairs and expositions to be the showroom of company innovation and evolution, during which new products and policies take hold.

ImarPress visits international exhibits continuously, noting a higher investment year after year in this option by companies worldwide.

For ImarPress trade exhibits set the stage for a laboratory of evaluation and benchmarking of the different sectors of industry.