With Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the U.S.A.

J.E. Prieto, President of ImarPress with his family, greeting Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States of America, at the Madrid airport during his visit in Spain.

With the Mayor of Madrid (Spain)

José E. Prieto, President of ImarPress, together with the Mayor of Madrid, Jose M. Alvarez del Manzano, and the President of HEFAME Group, Jose Vicente Ortega.

Princess Shahnaz Husain

J.E. Prieto, President of ImarPress, together with Alfonso Casal, presenting the ImarPress Award to Princess Shahnaz Husain of Shahnaz Herbals.

Former Secretary of HUD, USA

Henry Cisneros, named to the presidential Cabinet position of Secretary of Housing and Urban Development by Bill Clinton when first elected President of the United States, in an interview with Jose E. Prieto, President of ImarPress, and Malcolm F. Plaeger.

Khalifa Shaheen

His Highness, the late Emir of Bahrain, Shaikh Isa Bin Sulman Al Khalifa, received Mr. Khalifa Shaheen, Man. Dir. of Falcon Cinefoto, Bahrain, with partner Mr. Abdulla M. Alkhan.

ImarPress in the Media

Presentation of the book “The Corporation after the Unification of the European Market” during a press conference ImarPress has published this book, written by Silvia Garcia, Antena 3 TV journalist, titled “The Corporation after the Unification of the European Market”, which was presented to the media on numerous occasions. Various members of the Spanish media and an important group of business people were present. The subject of the book is the outstanding career of José Vicente Ortega, President and source of inspiration to HEFAME Group, ranked number 65 in Spain. The importance of ImarPress and the JBAN group is growing year by year in the world of business communication, as shown in these full-page appearances in leading business sector publications. GALA+Palacio

The ImarPress award on Spanish Television

Jesus G. Posada, Minister of the Spanish Government, presided by Jose María Aznar, holding the Award that ImarPress presented at its Convention in Paris to Ancoporc Association. The award was received by its president, Jose Llinas.

ImarPress President on television

Jose E. Prieto, President of ImarPress, has appeared on different news broadcasts on televisions throughout the world. This image is taken from an interview shown on Antena 3 Television, filmed at ImarPress headquarters in Madrid During the past 8 years, the ImarPress and JBAN group has carried out different projects in continuing education for business professionals sponsored by the Spanish Group Endesa, the largest electrical power corporation in Spain and in Latin America. One concerned a study of the quality processes in Endesa’s plants in multimedia format and another was the publication of Endesa Quality Manuals. Most experts agree that, due to the socioeconomic variables that presently characterize the market, product-based leadership is almost impossible. Distribution channels or the price factor no longer give the competitive edge. Many times the only characteristic that distinguishes one company from another is brand image. PRESSRELEASE Podio The positioning of the brand within a sociological framework rather than exclusively on a commercial basis is more and more important. The world in which we live is of a highly graphic context, overriding the linguistic context to such an extent that the visual image overpowers the brand name itself. A company’s brand image gives potential clients the first impression. Clients will unconsciously perceive and evaluate it on business cards, letterheads or any other promotional media, including the Internet. Brand image alone will not increase sales, but an obsolete or badly designed graphic image can cause a feeling of rejection that will make it more difficult to achieve market acceptance or for distributors to trust its viability. This is the reason that specialists recommend dedicating resources to the design and market acceptance of the logo-symbol. This involves the typography of the brand name (the logotype) and the image and graphic resources which support it (the symbol).

Companies in 179 Countries

The ImarPress awards are presently being utilized by companies in 179 countries to endorse their activities in favor of quality culture, creating a bond among clients, suppliers, employees and collaborators. Korea Electric Power Corporation, ranked 264th worldwide, Awarded by ImarPress in New York with the Quality Summit Gold Award. Mr. Crowhurst, President of Beijing COFCO, ranked number 393 in the world in the Fortune Global 500, together with Mr. De Giacomo and Mr. Prieto. Mr. Rao, Executive Director of Indian Oil Corp., one of India’s leading companies in India and ranked number 83 in the world, greeting Mr. Prieto, upon being awarded by ImarPress in Geneva. PRESSRELEASE WQC for Slava Zaitsev, Russia´s most prestigious haute-couture designer; declared honorary citizen of Paris by the President of France, awarded by ImarPress in Paris. Mr. Michael Gloster, President of Gloster Marketing, U.S.A., with Mr. Mumbengegwi, awarded by ImarPress in Geneva. The ImarPress award presented to endorse the inauguration of the presence of K-Mart in the Czech Republic. The ImarPress award presented in Paris ImarPress Convention the Sheraton Hotel of Kuwait, one of the most modern in the Middle East. The Pascual Group, ranked number 86 in Spain and the absolute leader in the dairy sector, was awarded by ImarPress. Grupo Zeta  publishing group, one of the most powerful in Spain, was awarded twice by ImarPress. Teka, sponsor of the world-famous Real Madrid Soccer Team, was awarded by ImarPress. Saunier Duval, world leader in heating systems, was awarded by ImarPress.