CALL-FOR-ENTRIES-MejorOPCION-Consultar-a-JEBID is accepting entries for its Awards Evaluation BID is calling for companies of all sizes and industries to enter the Quality and Excellence Awards evaluation. With awards ranging from “Best of Brand” and “Best of Industry” to “Outstanding Services” and “Standards of Excellence,” the Quality recognition program offers several awards in each of this year’s total of 12 categories. With many opportunities for companies to be honored, the Awards recognize the individual and team achievements of professionals who create and maintain outstanding companies. “The goal of BID is to provide a forum to establish the standards of excellence for quality development and to honor the people and organizations responsible for developing the most effective actions that exemplify that excellence,” says Jose E. Prieto, President of BID. “The BID Quality Award provides companies of all sizes and market segments an opportunity to earn a reputable seal of approval and leverage the marketing opportunities that come with winning an award. Additionally, many entrants receive quality feedback from industry professionals that can help them increase their effectiveness.” Judging and Award Categories Known to be the most comprehensive business quality competition, the BID Awards benchmark based on the ten fundamental areas of the QC100 for Total Quality Management model: 1) Customer Satisfaction 2) Communication Strategies 3) Benchmarking 4) Information and Data Analysis 5) Leadership 6) Planning and Decision-making 7) Human Resources 8) Continuing Education and Training 9) Processes and Production 10) Business Results Entry, Application for Candidates BID Quality Award recipients are elected through the selection process described in Regulations. However, BID allows those companies who invest in quality models and systems to make an entry for BID Quality Awards. Its candidacy can be presented on the basis of the QC100 Model:

Your application for candidancy should showcase your company merits and achievements in a written report on the following 10 areas. 1. Conclusions regarding improvements 2. Testimonials of satisfied clients 3. Employee training 4. Leadership and competitors 5. Marketing actions 6. Development of products and services 7. Systems and processes 8. Information and communication 9. Sales and pricing 10. Investments and business results Each section should be described in under 100 words, and the total should be no longer than 700 words. 2009 Alcoa Howmet FRANCE PARIS02 1

A Reputation for Quality

Judges will consist of a select group of professionals who have direct experience in quality management – including engineers, executives, economists, business administrators – with an in-depth understanding of the current state-of-the-art standards in company’s development and technology. “The BID Quality Award is different from other awards because it is not just a contest focused on the biggest brand or the most extravagant marketing strategy,” adds Mr. Prieto. “Companies of all sizes have an equal opportunity to compete and will receive similar evaluation from judges who survey companies from using the criteria of the QC100 Total Quality Management model for judging all candidate companies. We consider the BID awards to be a kind of business equivalent of an Oscar or Nobel Prize.”

Marketing Benefits of Winning the BID Quality Award

As previous winners can attest, winning a BID Quality Award generates many marketing opportunities to increase winners’ visibility and publicity with the media, to help distinguish award-winning companies from its competitors. BID offers various services to BID Quality Award winners. It provides a logo, the trophy itself and the International Star for Leadership in Quality certificate for winners to use in their business communication and in marketing collateral. The statement of Quality Commitment signed by the CEO of your company allows award recipients to exhibit their adherence to the 100 points of quality which make up the QC100 TQM. BID will also put winners in contact with Imarpress to appear in its media.