Jose E. Prieto and the International Star for Leadership in Quality

“The BID Quality Awards have been consolidated throughout the years and have witnessed great business achievements.

I have seen companies in the world grow in number, size and quality.

I have had the opportunity to meet and speak personally with business leaders, scientists, politicians and marketing experts who have realized their ideas and made them into business success, achieving recognition by their peers.

BID has positioned these entrepreneurs at the pinnacle of recognition with a quality award presented annually in Paris, Geneva, London, Frankfurt, New York, Moscow and Madrid.

I have had the honor of sharing the stage at BID Quality Conventions and of presenting the BID Quality Award to Valery Menshikov, Director of the Research Institute of Space Systems of Russia (Research Institute of Space Systems – NII Kosmichekikh Sistem GKNPTS Im. Khrunichev), whose multiple achievements are crowned by the development of the motor of perpetual movement to be used both in space and on earth.


This year I was with Ali H. Odeh, Vice President & General Manager for the Middle East of Turner Construction International LLC, which is in charge of the on-going construction of the tallest building in the world, to reach 828 meters in height, which will house, among other business stars, a hotel by Giorgio Armani.

I experienced a very special moment in 1986 when I delivered the BID Gold Star to the man who was then the Mayor of the city of San Antonio, Texas (USA), Henry Cisneros, at the Town Hall of the nations 10th ranking city in population. Six years later the recently elected president of the U.S. named Henry Cisneros Secretary of Housing.

Years later, my family and I had the opportunity of greeting Bill Clinton himself during an official visit to Spain as President of the USA.

An unforgettable experience was the encounter with Sergey Dubinin, Vice Chairman of the Board of RAO of Russia, the company which administers 60% of the energy in Russia. I had the great honor of presenting the BID International Star Award in Geneva. Mr. Dubinin was the Advisor to the President of Russia, President of the Central Bank as well as Secretary of Finance.

Another countries

China impresses me for the strength of its entrepreneurs and for the size of some of its companies, such as the one to which I presented a BID Quality Award: Beijing Cofco Plaza Development Co. belonging to the COFCO group, occupying Nº 393 according to Fortune Global 500.


It is interesting to note that China, the world’s most densely populated countries and source of great immigrations to Europe and America, has produced a Chinese business leader named Peter J. Crowhurst, General Manager of Beijing Cofco Plaza, grandson of an Englishman who emigrated to China, making him an unusual Chinese man.

India with its emerging force in business has also collected BID awards annually. This subcontinent has produced outstanding leaders, in charge of companies of up to 80,000 employees. Indian Oil Corporation, whose Executive Director Mr. P.S. Rao, received the BID Quality Award in Geneva, presently holds the position Nº 83 in the Fortune Global 500 and Nº 18 of the world’s petroleum companies.

A leader in hotels worldwide, the Sheraton, shared the stage with me at one of the BID conventions in order to received the BID Quality Award. It was an honor to present the trophy to Mr Mady, General Director of Sheraton Harare Hotel & Towers.

One of the world’s most impressive businesswomen, Princess Shahnaz Husain, from India, leader of Shahnaz Herbals, was a special guest at two BID conventions, in Madrid and in New York, to receive the BID Quality Awards, after having been featured on the cover of Success magazine (USA).

Hillary Clinton hosted a gathering of international business women, including Princess Shahaz, as a result of this spectacular issue of Success magazine. Shahnaz Herbals as a brand is valued at over 100 million dollars on the world market.

620x239 Arabia

As President of BID, I have shared many fascinating moments at our conventions and feel honored to have had the privilege to meet and to present the BID Quality Award to such significant figures in the business and scientific world. I would like to share the names of some of these international leaders:

Mr Gennady Biryukov General Director of KBTM, which designs satellite launching platforms.

State and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, a Russian state organization, more than 100 years old, in charge of certifying and establishing quality and safety standards in Russia and in countries which once belonged to the former Soviet Union, as well as determining which companies receive the ISO 9000 certification.

More winners

From China: Hong Yuen Electronics Ltd. (Hong Kong), a company belonging to China Aerospace International Holdings Limited (CASIL), specialized in research, development, manufacture and commercialization of products and space technology; exporting 95% of its production to clients in the U.S., Japan, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Guangdong Foodstuffs Import & Export (Group) Corp., a corporation from China made up of 40 companies, which is ranked among the 500 most important import and export companies in the world; it owns Swire Guandong Coca-Cola Ltd, the company which produces and distributes Coca-Cola products in China.

Commercial Press, one of the largest and most influential publishing houses in China, well-known for its dictionaries and academic titles; although most of its editions are for the national market in China, some of its dictionaries and language text books are distributed throughout the USA and the rest of the world.

Inventec Electronics Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia), of the Inventec Group, world leader in the design and manufacture of electronics, associated with the largest corporations in the world.

620x239 Dubai-Argentina

Arab Contractors (Egypt), is one of the most important engineering and construction companies in the world carrying out more than 1,500 projects in 29 countries.

Royal Jordanian Airline, one of the leading airlines in the Middle East with daily flights to the U.S, Europe, Middle East and Far East.

Laboratorio Nacional de la Construcción S.A. (LANCO), number one company in Mexico in the verification and quality control for the construction industry.

Institute of Viticulture & Enology, a public organism belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture in Bulgaria, a leading national scientific research institution, and fourth in viticulture worldwide.

Servicio de Electrónica (Selec), belonging to the Peruvian Air Force, top in Peru and one of the most important in South America, specialized in logistics support for the maintenance of communications equipment of the country itself and for the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration, U.S.A.).


From Spain: Cointra, among the top 400 companies in the country, leader for the past 30 years in the hot water heating industry. Grupo Zeta, one of the most influential media groups nationwide made up of companies specialized in printed media, audiovisuals, internet, book publishing and multimedia as well as other services.

Banque Centrale Populaire, belonging to the Banques Populaires Group of Morocco, which has 32% of the accounts in that country and a portfolio of clients made up of 50% of all bank account owners in Morocco.


State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (Socar).

Radisson SAS Lazurnaya Hotel Sochi, one of the most luxurious hotels in Russia on the coast of the Black Sea.

Poltava Petroleum Company (PPC), gas and petroleum producers of the Ukraine, created as a joint venture with the U.K. C.S. SIDEX S.A. GALATI, the largest iron and steel metalurgical firm in Romania and one of the most important industries in the country.

EPAL S.A., an important company in Greece in aluminum production.

Korea Electric Power Corporation, ranked 264th worldwide.

Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa Sp. Zo.o. (Poland).

And from Uzbekistan: Navoi Mining & Metallurgy Combinat, a leading gold mine worldwide.

Jose E. Prieto
Chairman and CEO BID
President – Leadership in Quality Convention