QC100 Symbol

Quality to help our clients

To help our clients optimize quality, facilitating a change in culture and in behavior which provide the grounds for continuous improvement, reduction of costs and process organization.

To make companies aware of the importance of client and employee satisfaction, making a positive contribution to society and being sensitive to environmental problems.

To use communication as a cohesive force among employees, suppliers, shareholders and clients, establishing programs to increase sales while strengthening the brand name and corporate identity.

Quality Areas:

Quality Diagnosis

Quality Assurance (ISO 9001, 9002, 9003)

Quality Awareness


Programs of Quality awareness training for personnel.

Total Quality Management

Advanced Programs and Quality Improvement Tools

Strategic Planning for Quality


Management and Evaluation of Suppliers

Quality Costs

Measurement of External Quality

Environmental Management

Internal Communication of Quality

A communication plan focused on educating employees about the advantages of the ISO 9000 quality systems and TQM systems, for daily tasks and for reaching goals. Project for spreading the importance of client satisfaction:

Listen and learn from the client.

Attitude towards the competition.
– Benchmarking

Correlation of criteria between the company and its clients
– Opinion polls

Clients’ complaints
– Immediate response

– Compensations

– Guarantees

Analysis of client insatisfaction
– Corrective actions

Differentiating yourself from the competition insures client loyalty
– Search for new factors to improve positioning

Rising tendencies and behavior
– Plan ahead Means of dissemination

– Quality as a daily work culture

Improvement teams
– Process review

In-house newsletter
– A regular way to shape opinion on quality

Posters in the work place
– Brief messages which inspire action

Contests and activities
– Share a common goal

– Opportunity for returns on efforts made

Awards and recognitions
– Cultivate fostering individual identity and respect for others

External Communication of Quality

Advertising campaigns focused on explaining the aim of an ISO 9000 Quality System as a means of improvement and guarantee of the Certified company. Matching this campaign to symbols and messages of Quality Assurance.

The symbol of the ISO 9000 certification and the TQM system as endorsed image.